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Apollo BioSciences is committed to commercializing its Pharmefex™ technology developed at the University of Vermont into a potent drug delivery platform for cancer treatment. The first two products in the Apollo pipeline are Pharmefex™ + DOX (doxorubicin) for treatment of mesothelioma and Pharmefex™ + DTIC (dacarbazine) for treatment of melanoma. In addition, Apollo is exploring the potential for Pharmefex™ in the delivery of siRNA and shRNA to cells.

Pharmefex™ is a monodispersed, spherical silica-based particle with a disordered pore structure with a surface that can be modified to facilitate selective uptake, making it attractive for drug delivery. Preliminary research indicates Pharmefex™ increased the effectiveness of select chemotherapy drugs by greater than 700 percent in the apoptosis of mesothelioma cells.